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About KamEli Shop

No Impossible Obstacles

This website is owned and run by Kamari and Elijah,("we", "our", "us"). The term "our online services" refers to KamEli Mode of Operation, our mobile and tablet website, our pages on third party social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and any other apps we own and run from time to time. The term "our services" refers to our online services and any of our products and services offered from time to time. If you use any of our services, we will refer to you using the terms "user", "visitor", "you", "your", "yours" in this policy.


KamEli Shop is a fashion line about living as your authentic self. We have built a collection of clothing full of personality, fresh style, and a bit of daring. If that sounds like you, I hope our clothing will help you express the essence in yourself. KamEli Shop was founded in 2021, inspired by my Children, Kamari and Elijah

KamEli Shop is an international fast fashion e-commerce platform. Our exclusive styles are made with you in mind. We Sell sophisticated, chic and modern styles we know you'll love. Our mission has remained the same ever since! We offer fast fashion with good quality and affordable prices for all ages.

KamEli Shop believed everything is inspiring in nature & art if look for some. Our design wants to bring the beauty of nature & art to fashion clothing, You can wear nature on with KamEli design.

Efficient Customer Service

We attach great importance to consumer's shopping experience. We offer 24/7 One-on-One Customer Service and simply return policy within 30 days.

Secure Payment

KamEli Shop is PCI DSS Merchant Certified. We offer 100% Payment Secure.

We’ll never let it rest until our products are better and our better best!

We promise we'll do everything we can to make shopping with us a great experience!
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please email info@kamelishop8204@gmail.com